Using streaming sites indexing to find a video can be a pain, it can lead to malware, and consumes more time than it needs to. Searching for the videos manually through a search engine is quicker and a bit safer, but it still takes time and is dependant on the search engine being used. For instance, if google gets a DMCA but vodlocker does not, you would not find the file in a google search without reviewing which is super tedious. Using duckduckgo as the search engine, we can find just about any video.

In order to bypass ads that can slow this process down, install FireFox with ADBLOCK plus enabled as a plugin.

In order to save the videos instead of streaming, install FireFox, dwhelper, and ant video downloader. Both dwhelper and ant video downloader are available in the FireFox plugins.

Do not use leading zeros, they are added automatically and will double if user entered.

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